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In need of a moonshine still to help you produce high-grade alcohol? Our copper still was designed to aid you in creating a one of a kind drink from start to finish!

Equipped with a 9.2-gallon steaming barrel, the whisky still can yield enough alcohol for you to share with others. It also ensures that any liquid that passes through the process is of impurities for a better-tasting product.

With a thermometer attached on top, you’ll be able to see how high or low the temperature is while you’re boiling the ingredients in the alcohol distiller. This way, you’ll be easily able to adjust the temperature to achieve your preferred result.

part of all, the alcohol still was designed with perfectly fitted parts to ensure that the liquids pass through each step without a hitch. Be able to experience creating various alcoholic beverages with your own twist of ingredients by using our premium moonshine still kit.


DURABLE – Made with high-quality stainless steel, the complete moonshine still kit is highly durable and can be used daily without fail. It can also withstand constant use under intense heat for hours per day.

FOOD GRADE – Using non-toxic materials when creating alcoholic beverages is a must, especially if the process deals with high heat. Our moonshine kit is fully food grade and safe to use so that anything you produce with it won’t harm your health in any way.

BIG CAPACITY – Equipped with a large barrel, the moonshine still can boil various fruits and ingredients in one go. This way, you’ll be able to fill up full jars of alcohol for you to store or enjoy on special occasions.


Capacity: 35L/ 9.2(US Gal)

Material: 304 stainless steel

Stainless boiler size: Approx. 13.8×17.8”

Condenser keg size: Approx. 7.9”

35L input quantity: Max. 16.5 lbs

35L output quantity: 13.2 lbs for alcohol content of 50%, 13.2 lbs hydrolase


1x 304 Stainless Boiler

1x Condenser Keg

1x Pipe

2x Silicone Pipe

1x Exhaust Valve

1x Metal Thermometer

1x Lees Filter Bag

4x Silicone Pad

3x Valves

1x Tape

1x Water Pump

1x Steaming Pot Dish

1x Measuring Cylinder

1x Alcohol Meter (set)

1x Spoon

4x Clamp

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Soju Distiller Distilling Equipment Distiller Pure Dew Machine Small


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