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Product Usage:

It is a product that can effectively improve the hitting distance and swing control ability.。Keep waving every day20-25Times,Will effectively improve the swing technology level;Improve Hitting distance and accuracy;Reduce the difference

Product Description:

【1】、Outer packing specifications:L51.5*W16*H9.5

【2】、Rubber non-slip grip,Grip length28cm,Iron Rod body,Subject4A piece of symmetrical fan blade,Propeller-shaped fan blade,Length39.5cmWide14.5cmThickness2.5cm。

【3】、VGlyph Design,Increase wind resistance,Long-term use of wrist strength、Arm、Waist strength will be fully exercised。It has a stronger practical experience effect than the conventional swing and counterweight exercise.。

【4】、Hollow slot body,Smooth wind guide,So that your swing track will not have a snake-shaped offset.,It is still a circular arc。

【5】、Humanized design of accessories,Easy to install and disassemble。

1、BACKSWING Upper pole

Light and smooth ground rod,Arms extend to the right,Until the grip is pushed45°。At this time, the resistance of air to the fan should not be felt.。Practice like this,It can effectively avoid putting the rod too fast。Avoid overturning the wrist too early when putting on the pole,Or too steep。Down45°When the wrist starts to turn up;Turn around;Upper pole to vertex,Try to straighten、Stretch left arm。Right arm elbow clip angle is90°。Small:When the upper pole reaches the top point,Do not move your right elbow out of your body“Fly”Outlet。Imaginable,Hold one up with both hands“Tray”。

2、DOWNSWINGLower shot

Similarly,Lower rod too fast,Will also feel strong fan air resistance。Try to understand and master.Not generated when lower rod“Air resistance”The waving track and rhythm,Is the key to practice with this fan。Lower rod,When the right elbow and right hand feel the wind blowing,Right hand force should be released。At the same time, keep your hands upturned,In order to obtain a powerful shot release on the rod surface。At the same time, prevent the body from rotating too fast.。To the hitting point,Send your hands forward,Gradually see“Red Tag”Turn over from the front。

3、RELEASE & FINISH Hit the ball

After passing the hitting point,Turn the exercise fan counterclockwise immediately until you see“Red”Finished

The whole label flashed。At the same time, keep your arms stretched moderately.。Practice like this,Help find the right shot

The“Feeding Rod”Position,Avoid closing the rod too fast。It is beneficial to ensure the correct transfer of body center of gravity.;

Optimize hitting control,Improve the accuracy of ball falling point。Easily swing。Moderate shoulder rotation、Turn around;Fold your hands above your left shoulder;Target-oriented body。Body Center of Gravity90%Fall into left foot;Right foot off the ground;Right finger support floor。No obvious feeling during the swing“Air resistance”。Is a sign of correct action。


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Swing Trainer Practical Beginner Practice Wind Fan White Orange


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