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Zip Cutter


1. There are two cutter heads for adjustable head cutting

2. The cutter head can be positioned 360 degrees in any direction

3. Optional 8mm electric or pneumatic drill,

4. Minimum cutting radius 12mm

5. Allow cutting thickness

Ordinary iron plate: 1.8mm

Stainless steel plate: 1.2mm

Copper. Aluminum plate: 2mm

Plastic plywood: 2mm

Blow molding

The whole set of content: 1 host. One hex wrench. 1 handle

Instructions for use

1 When using the thin plate hole opener, first insert the front end of the drill and the cutter into the round hole of the hole opener, connect the cutter to the electric drill and lock it, then put the three branches on the shelf, the stigma screw Tightly, to prevent the hole opener from sliding; insert the left and right positioning pins upward into the small square hole of the shelf, and finally adjust and tighten the tight screw according to the size of the arc to be cut. Fix firmly to ensure the accuracy of cutting round holes.

2 When cutting the standard arc, the thin-plate hole opener should be used to ensure the smooth and beautiful circular cut surface. It should also drill a 3 mm positioning eye first, and then drill a 12 mm hole to extend the cutter head. The inner and outer circles are cut inside.

Operational requirements

1. It is especially important to refuel at the blade edge, especially for cutting aluminum plates.

2. After opening the electric drill, the cutting will be started first and then the electric drill will be closed.

3. The cutting edge of the shank must be perpendicular to the workpiece to be cut during cutting to prevent the shank from breaking.  

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